Jeff Mitchum - Fine Art Landscape Photographer #fineartprints #homedecor

Commissioned Collections

One of the distinctives of Jeff's highly sought after work is by private collectors. Fine Art Collectors who are looking for a personal and an exclusive collection, that commission Jeff to create unique and original one-of-a-kind images, that will never be replicated again. Or, your own "Mona Lisa" as Jeff often says when entertaining these pieces.

Jeff’s extraordinary collection of work can be seen in museums, MGM Resorts International, Bellagio, private collections and corporate ownership. His exclusive collections are also highly revered and collected by Hollywood Icons, Oscar winners, Lou Ruvo Brain Health Clinic, to NFL, NBA and NHL Hall of Fame sport legends. In addition, World Heritage sites such as Palau and Israel’s Masada sacred mountain and the famed Griffith Park Observatory all savor his historical and world class collections.

It is because of Jeff’s exquisite and inspiring talent that he’s known as “The Masterful Painter of Light”. Every image is meticulously created and unique in originality to the collector. If this suits your own ‘art palette’ for an original collection or a singular piece, then we strongly suggest contacting us to discuss locations for your own personal “Mona Lisa”!